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Along with the advent of the cell phone has come the cell phone camera and the added ability of cell phones to record sound and video. Add to this that there are very small video recorders and even digital cameras with video capabilities, and at any given time there are probably ten people at any given stop or investigation who could be recording your actions.

In addition to those discussed above there are security cameras all over the city. Of course there are the ones installed by the city with numerous more found at gas stations, banks, credit unions, ATM’s and many other places (not to mention your own in car camera).  The chances of your actions being recorded are high, and becoming increasingly more likely.

Is there any expectation of privacy by a police officer while they are on duty in public?  The simple answer is no.  As long as the citizen is not interfering with the officer, and is in an area open to the public there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.   If you thought you had some expectation go back and review the Rodney King video.

Generally speaking the First Amendment protects the citizen’s right to record what is going on in public.  They cannot interfere with the officer and can be asked to move out of the way.  Thus just remember that whatever you do may end up on the 11:00 o’clock news, Facebook, YouTube or who knows where.





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